Wheel Alignments

If your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment service, our experienced technicians will ensure that your vehicle has the correct wheel alignment to promote good tyre life, superior vehicle handling, and improved fuel efficiency.

When you book your vehicle in for a wheel alignment at Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares, we’ll look for signs of uneven tyre wear and worn out or damaged suspension components, and by using a modern laser wheel alignment machine, we can measure and adjust to compensate for vehicle modifications, extra payload, general wear and tear and many other suspension related issues.

When to book a wheel alignment service

If you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Your vehicle feels as though it’s pulling to one side
  • The steering wheel shudders or vibrates at higher speeds
  • There is evidence of uneven or premature tyre wear
  • You have accidentally struck a curb or debris on the road

How to book a wheel alignment service with Torque Tyres

With workshops in Cairns and Mackay, our experienced team of technicians can complete your next wheel alignment service. Simply phone us today to make a booking request.

A: A wheel alignment is a process of ensuring your wheels and tyres are correctly adjusted to account for suspension wear and tear.

A: Absolutely, we can align older vehicles that require shimming, as well as modern vehicles with in-built adjustments.

A: Toe, Castor, Camber and Thrust Angle are the primary measurements that can prematurely wear out your tyres.

A: Basic wheel alignments for the front axle start at around $80 but if you have a modified vehicle with aftermarket suspension, or require extra time on the rack, prices can increase.

A: We can align passenger vehicles, trailers, caravans, and more. Call us up and tell us what you’ve got!

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