Tyre Rotations

We recommend customers book their vehicles in for a wheel alignment every 10,000kms or every 6 months.

A tyre rotation involves removing the wheels from your vehicle and reinstalling them on different corners to prevent uneven tyre wear. It’s also a great opportunity to inspect each tyre for damage, punctures, sidewall scrapes and more.

Why do you need your tyres rotated?

Generally, the front tyres take care of all the steering and cornering forces, a vast majority of the braking forces go through the front tyres too. Over time these forces cause the front tyres to wear faster than the rear tyres.

The situation is even more pronounced with front-wheel drive vehicles, where front wheels are also tasked with transmitting engine power to the ground, which is why front-wheel drive vehicles require more regular tyre rotations and tyre inspections.

If you drive a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you will typically have a more even wear pattern across tyres, but can benefit from a tyre rotation nonetheless, particularly if you have a powerful vehicle or frequently tow.

A tyre rotation is intended to spread out the tyre wear so that all 4 of your tyres wear out at the same time.

Replacing tyres in sets results in optimal handling, performance and vehicle predictability. Book your vehicle in to see the team at Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares today!

A: For most applications, we recommend a tyre rotation every 10,000kms or so. If you’re rough on your tyres, more frequent rotations might be necessary.

A: Yes, if your spare tyre is matched to your other tyres. Many times, the spare tyre is either a space saver or a ‘temporary use’ style of tyre. These tyres are not included in a rotation for obvious reasons.

A: Yes, but since mismatched tyres should be kept on the same axle, your available tyre rotation strategy might not match your manufacturers recommendations.

A: Typically front and rear tyres on vehicles wear out at different rates.Tyre rotation programmes promote even tyre wear.

A: While tyre rotations with directional tyres can be done just by moving them front to rear and vice versa, we prefer to remove the tyres and flip them so that they end up on opposite corners of the vehicle to get the best tyre wear.

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