Brake Controller Installation

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We can supply and fit a range of electric brake controllers from reputable manufacturers, including the Australian-designed and made REDARC products.

What is a brake controller?

In Australia, any trailer with a mass over 750kg requires some kind of brake mechanism on one of its axles, while trailers over 2000kg require brakes on all axles.

The most common type of trailer brake system is the hydraulic brake system (also known as surge brakes or overrun brakes), these often use a hydraulic cylinder built into the trailer draw bar. They’re a good entry-level system because they don’t require any modifications to the tow vehicle, and are a self-contained system.

For heavier-duty applications, an adjustable electronic brake controller is the preferred method. The adjustment allows you to fine tune how much braking your trailer is doing to account for the weight of your trailer, and the driving conditions.

Typically, there are two kinds of electric braking systems, the simpler time activated controllers, and the proportional braking controllers, which is what we recommend for caravans and heavier trailers.

If you’re looking for information on getting your rig fitted with an electronic brake controller, come and see the experts at Torque Tyre and Trailer Spares at either one of our locations, in Mackay or Cairns.

A: Trailer brakes are essential for both safety and legal compliance for trailers over 2000kg.

A: Simply a device for controlling how much braking bias is directed at the trailer brakes. It’s important to have control over how effective your trailer brakes are, as an unloaded trailer and a loaded trailer have different brake strength requirements.

A: Electronic brake controllers are by far the most common. They can be installed either in the vehicle or fitted on the trailer and connected via Bluetooth.

A: As above, adjustable brake controllers will allow you to fine tune the braking effectiveness to suit current conditions and trailer loads.

A: We like to fit our electric brake controllers so that the control knobs are within reach of the passenger, in a location that’s out of the way of accidental adjustment and looks as good as possible.

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