4x4 Accessories and Upgrades

Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares provides expert service, advice, repairs and installation of leading suspension products for your 4x4. We supply and fit aftermarket parts from the biggest names in the industry with the goal of helping you to get the best performance from your 4wd.

  • 4x4 suspension kits
  • Air suspension and lift kits
  • Specialised wheel alignment
  • Tow Bars
  • Bull Bars

High Quality Aftermarket Upgrades

Cleverly chosen aftermarket parts are more than the sum of their parts. Coming up with a plan of what your vehicle is, how you intend to use it and where you’ll be taking it is vital to coming up with a proper well set up rig.

When properly tuned the steering and suspension of your 4x4 should:

  • Provide an enhanced, smoother ride for maximum comfort
  • Transfer the load easily when towing
  • Provide better entry & exit angles
  • Deliver longer tyre life & better use of tyre design
  • Provide driver stability, handling & traction in all conditions
  • Lessen driver & passenger fatigue

Brands we supply include:

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension
Airbag Man - Air Suspension Kits
Fulcrum Suspensions
EFS 4x4 Accessories
PSR - Performance Suspension Racing
King Springs

A: We can fit a wide range of suspension upgrades, bullbars, tow packs, brake controllers, air suspension, lift kits, and more.

A: Typically, vehicles come from the factory with a focus on comfort, low noise and on-road manners. If you’re looking for more performance and are willing to make some tradeoffs, the aftermarket provides almost unlimited options.

A: That depends entirely on your unique needs. While we have multiple catalogues of products available, if you’re after recommendations, have a chat to us about your expectations and requirements.

A: We install any accessories with brand new wire with chafe-resistant sleeving and securely soldered and heat shrunk connections and waterproof connectors. Doing it properly results in OEM levels of reliability.

A: It depends on what you’re using your vehicle for. While items like bullbars add a lot of weight up front, they also offer a lot of protection, while the weight cost can be minimised through alloy bar work.

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